Sports & Leisure Online Shops in Cumbria

We compiled this list of sport and leisure shops  so we could quickly see what small businesses are online in Cumbria. All we did was search Google to see who came up. If you are not on this list, but do have a web shop (with shopping basket), then please let us know – we will add you – but by all means ask us about your SEO too! We are not judging these web shops (some are truly excellent – others are not great) – we just want to support those small businesses that have made the leap into online trading!


[thumb link=”true” alt=”Urban Horse” title=”Urban Horse” size=”xlg”][/thumb]

Urban Horse, Garrigill


[thumb link=”true” alt=”Coniston Corporate UK” title=”Coniston Corporate UK” size=”xlg”][/thumb]

Coniston Corporate UK, Coniston


[thumb link=”true” alt=”The Climbers Shop” title=”The Climbers Shop” size=”xlg”][/thumb]

The Climbers Shop, Ambleside


[thumb link=”true” alt=”Fobbles” title=”Fobbles” size=”xlg”][/thumb]

Fobbles, Holmrook


[thumb link=”true” alt=”Peter Bland Sports” title=”Peter Bland Sports” size=”xlg”][/thumb]

Peter Bland Sports, Kendal


[thumb link=”true” alt=”George Fisher” title=”George Fisher” size=”xlg”][/thumb]

George Fisher, Keswick


[thumb link=”true” alt=”Kendal Sports” title=”Kendal Sports” size=”xlg”][/thumb]

Kendal Sports, Kendal


[thumb link=”true” alt=”Chivers Sports” title=”Chivers Sports” size=”xlg”][/thumb]

Chivers Sports, Carlisle


[thumb link=”true” alt=”Temple Sports” title=”Temple Sports” size=”xlg”][/thumb]

Temple Sports, Keswick


[thumb link=”true” alt=”Gaynor Sports” title=”Gaynor Sports” size=”xlg”][/thumb]

Gaynor Sports, Ambleside


[thumb link=”true” alt=”Key 2 Sports & Nutrition” title=”Key 2 Sports & Nutrition” size=”xlg”][/thumb]

Key 2 Sports & Nutrition, Workington


[thumb link=”true” alt=”Needle Sports” title=”Needle Sports” size=”xlg”][/thumb]

Needle Sports, Keswick


[thumb link=”true” alt=”Farrell Sports” title=”Farrell Sports” size=”xlg”][/thumb]

Farrell Sports, Copeland


[thumb link=”true” alt=”The Epicentre” title=”The Epicentre” size=”xlg”][/thumb]

The Epicentre, Ambleside


[thumb link=”true” alt=”Windermere Canoe Kayak” title=”Windermere Canoe Kayak” size=”xlg”][/thumb]

Windermere Canoe Kayak, Bowness-on-Windermere,


[thumb link=”true” alt=”Cumbria Sporting Gun” title=”Cumbria Sporting Gun” size=”xlg”][/thumb]

Cumbria Sporting Gun, Little Strickland


[thumb link=”true” alt=”John Norris” title=”John Norris” size=”xlg”][/thumb]

John Norris, Penrith